How it works


Prepare your ideas for plush toy


The more clearly you have thought out your idea, the easier it will be for us to develop it for you. We will be pleased to assist you if you in this process, help in making drawings and choosing parameters. We always aim to precisely recreate your image in logotype production.

You can also choose your toy from the existing catalog of our designer toys here.  Keep in mind that each gift can be changed according to your wishes, have a different color scheme or accessories. 

Each toy can be branded with a logotype and/or moto application, you can change the color scheme and add unique elements and accessories. High-quality embroidery is also available. You can accompany your gift with candies or some other small souvenirs that can be hidden inside the toy or in additional accessories. 


Sign a Confidentiality Agreement with Us

(if needed)

Before we proceed, we would sign a Confidentiality Agreement with you. The purpose of this agreement is to protect you, your idea and image of the plush toy.



Order and approve the prototype

In 2 to 4 weeks (or in 1 to 2 weeks if toy is chosen from an existing collection), the first prototype of your toy will be ready. We will then discuss it in person or via e-mail/Skype and make changes according to your needs. When it is ready, we will send the toy to you along with some samples of other fabrics, materials, and design elements. You can make some final changes, and then we will send you another revised prototype. 

   Making and changing prototypes can be a time-consuming process. Usually, one or two prototypes are enough to reach the desired level of conformity to the client’s needs when the toy is chosen from an existing collection. However, we are always ready to make additional adjustments when necessary to make sure that the toy satisfies you completely! 

The cost of prototype creation is $300. This does not include shipping costs, which will be calculated based on the weight and your location. For the orders of 1000 units and more, the cost of the prototype is deducted from the totals. 


For our existing clients, we offer a free prototype redesign.


When a gift is chosen from an existing collection the prototype design is free of charge. 


Place the order

Based upon the final prototype design, establishing the quantities and the delivery time required, we will sign a contract with you and take your payment. The budget of the project will depend on the quantity, toy size, fabric chosen and complicity of the details. Also, the additional budget needed for printing chosen, tags and packaging.


For orders of more than 1000 units, the approximate cost of production of 1 toy that is 25 cm/10” tall will be from 4$ to 10$ depending on the complexity. The greater the number of items, the lower the final price per unit. We accept orders of any size, but if quantities are low, price per unit will be higher. 




Mass production

Production of your toys will be made on our factory in Ukraine in Kiev.  Depending on the workload of our factory and the complexity of the toy, we are able to produce up to 1000 toys a day. Time needed to complete the order also depends on the time of the year and workload, as well as the size and complexity of your order.

We will keep you informed about the production process.



     When necessary, your toys can be individually packed. The cost of packaging is calculated separately. 

We usually use the following types of packaging:

Transparent and non-transparent plastic bags (plain or printed)


- this simple and inexpensive packaging is used most often


Textile or plush bags

Cardboard boxes (plain or printed)

-this packaging is available for orders of 1000 and more units


Transparent boxes 

- this simple and inexpensive packaging is used most often


Clear plastic tubes

Paper tubes

- this packaging is available for orders of 1000 and more units




We will notify you when the order is ready to ship out from the factory and supply all necessary documents for customs.


We stand ready for any sudden reorders or to provide any post-sales service help.



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