Shortly about us

      For the past 25 years, our company has been a specialist in custom plush toy design and manufacturing for businesses and organizations. 


We have all it takes to design and develop a unique gift that will spread your company image around the world in the most joyful way!


1. Contact us and get  a quote

2. Approve the prototype

3. Wait for the toys to be manufactured and transported

4. Receive your new plush company representative! 

How it's done

Toys made of
linen, felt wool and hypoallergenic fillings

Why us?

24 years of experience in design and manufacturing of corporate gifts and promotional goods

Over 500 satisfied clients

90% of our first-time customers become our regular clients

By owning our own factory we check every toy being made to ensure it reaches our high standards

We have a diverse and varied design team that can perfectly embody your company's gift desire

Each gift is unique and designed according to your brand image

Countries we serve include: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and France. 

Our Clients

Contact Us and Get a Quote

Fantastic Group Ltd.

Holosiivskyi Ave. 70, 03040 Kyiv, Ukraine

 Tel, Whatsapp, Facetime: +32-497-30-27-23

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